The Sole Difference between Charity & Philanthropy

Charity & Philanthropy

Charity and Philanthropy seem like the same acts, normally and somewhat to some extent it is same, but philanthropy and charity have one sole difference in between each other. This difference determines the importance of philanthropists in society, more than charitable institutes. Although both of these acts are highly generous and required to create a better society.

The charity can either be monetary donations or volunteering; these are rather short-termed due to an emotional impulse. Contrary to this, Philanthropy is rather a long term approach usually working for the social issues of the society. These issues can be the lack of educational institutes, lack of basic life necessities, lack of facilities in the health sector. Philanthropists work to achieve their charitable goals by working on social issues.

Philanthropists make a way to provide and serve to the society, some create opportunities for students, while others work to provide food to the poor and the needy. Mian Ayaz Anwar has worked hard to create Zaitoon and further create the philanthropic wing of Zaitoon, namely Zaitoon Mehmaan. The Zaitoon Mehmaan works on his motto of serving people with food and that none shall sleep hungry. Serving approximately a million meals annually Mian Ayaz Anwar is considered as one of the most esteemed philanthropists in Pakistan.

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