The Economy Essentials by Mian Ayaz Anwar

The Economy & Their Essentials

The economy is one of the most important terms for businesses and for a state as well. The inter-relation of producers and consumers have been highly regarded as it forms an economy. Applying to all entities in a state, it encompasses all activity related to production, consumption, and trade of goods and services in the area. Making proper choices is just economics, to consume and produce then manage their numbers. Weighing various alternatives before investing or choosing is known as economics.


Countries develop an economy through export, import, financial earnings and investments. Each sector plays a plausible role in the development of the economy either good or bad. For an instance, some sectors which have seen nothing but failure in the past few years have a negative impact on the it rather than the ones which develop jobs or persuade foreign or national investments.

Several types of economies such as; Command based Economies, Green Economies, Pure Market Economies and Market Based Economies. It has always been about the right set of choices that produce a high, or a low. Mian Ayaz Anwar is persuaded that real-estate is one of the most profitable sectors for a country’s economy. His thoughts are not only just thoughts but he has proved this through Zaitoon and countless real-estate projects. Similarly, the positive impact on real-estate on the economy is lauded by the governments and realtors alike.

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