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Habits of Mian Ayaz Anwar

Habits of Mian Ayaz Anwar which lead him to Success

Mian Ayaz Anwar is one of the pioneer real estate businessmen in Pakistan. His work and absolute dedication have always made him stand at the forefront. Rightly said that it is always the habits of a man that make him successful or the opposite. Talking of the habits of Mian Ayaz Anwar, there are many […]
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A significant number of the wealthiest and esteemed people today have made their fortunes in this sector, such as Mian Ayaz Anwar himself.

Mian Ayaz Anwar – An Esteemed Real Estate Entrepreneur

Real estate is a field wherein business people can discover numerous ways to progress. A significant number of the wealthiest people today have made their fortunes in this sector, and it’s one of the only handful of business divisions that can generate instant turnouts and build up rewarding vocations rapidly. All things considered, in case […]
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Zaitoon City

Zaitoon City Location High Spots – Mian Ayaz Anwar

Zaitoon was established in 1987 as one of the pioneers real estate developers in Lahore. It has since then spread as a brand name in the Real Estate Industry across the Punjab. So far, Zaitoon has provided many residential, commercial and mega structural projects. But most importantly, the group is rich in cash and so […]
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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Businesses

Marketing is considered as one of the key phases in a business, every kind of business requires marketing for its survival. Although, Real-Estate is totally based on marketing and proper awareness campaigns. Proper Marketing Strategies are crafted to achieve the desired set of goals for a real estate project. The marketing can either be in […]
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Charity & Philanthropy

The Sole Difference between Charity & Philanthropy

Charity and Philanthropy seem like the same acts, normally and somewhat to some extent it is same, but philanthropy and charity have one sole difference in between each other. This difference determines the importance of philanthropists in society, more than charitable institutes. Although both of these acts are highly generous and required to create a […]
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Entrepreneurs & Innovation

Entrepreneurs & Innovation – The Challengers of Status Quo

Entrepreneurs are one of the most innovative and proactive personalities. Challenging the status quo is in their veins, being movers and shakers. Entrepreneurs are perpetually striving for more innovation, trying new approaches, doing things differently. Determined personalities are never phased by Economic downturns, pandemics or unfavourable political climate. Furthermore, they expect everything as a challenge, […]
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Importance of Attractions in Residential Real Estate

Real Estate Developers have always urged the fact of attracting customers through various, artistic monuments and attractions. Besides, theme park developers and commercial real-estate developers; Residential real-estate developers have a better long term idea of such creations. Small artistic attractions throughout the residential project create an emotional attachment of the viewer when visiting. The eye-pleasing […]
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Entertainment in New Lahore City

Importance of Entertainment Real Estate Projects

Probably one of the biggest impacts in the real estate sector is how it is viewed by the general public. A long time ago, buying and selling property was just something people did and it was a part of life. Now, in this modern age, the entire process is much more substantial. Television has fueled […]
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Real Estate plays an effective part in the Economy

Real estate plays an effective part in the economy majorly because it makes up to a large portion of individual and business wealth across all the economic sectors. Wealth increases when the real estate prices rise, so businesses, as well as individuals, are bound to borrow and spend more. Mian Ayaz Anwar CEO of Zaitoon […]
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