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Real Estate & Business

Infusing Real Estate into Entrepreneurship

Real estate is a class of “real property” that includes land and anything permanently attached to it, whether natural or man-made. There are five main categories of real estate: residential, commercial, industrial, raw land, and special use. You can invest in real estate directly by purchasing a home, rental property or other property, or indirectly […]
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Digital Marketing

Zaitoon Harnessed Digital Marketing in Real Estate

For maintaining a real estate business is designing and crafting high potential marketing strategies that attract customers. Advanced digital advertising helps compel customers that are interested in potential investments in real estate ventures. Along these lines, there are certain aspects of entrepreneurship that defines whether the crafted policies and campaigns are beneficial. As time changes […]
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Hygiene Development & Philanthropy

Hygiene – a precondition for personal development. Personal hygiene directly impacts the well-being, dignity and participation of an individual in society. In developing countries, different requirements for men and women with regards to modesty, personal security, and the disproportionate burden of unpaid labour are often linked to hygiene. Women and girls living in the poorest […]
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Environmental Crisis

Environmental Crisis & Philanthropy

What is it about the environment that arouses so much confusion and misunderstanding? Why is the mounting concern about the extent and gravity of global environmental challenges not reflected in the funding support for environmental charities? These were among the questions that prompted Green Philanthropy. There are various reasons for this. Until recently, difficulties in […]
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treasure of philanthropists

The Treasure of Philanthropists

Philanthropy means the love of humanity, its the treasure of philanthropists. Today, philanthropy means generosity in all its forms and is often defined as giving gifts of “time, talent and treasure” to help make life better for other people. You can practice philanthropy by making a monetary gift, such as a donation to a cause […]
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Decision Making

Decision Making in times of Uncertainty

Entrepreneurs are being approached to make a dream and a methodology for an unsure future. Numerous business people are attempting to anticipate what the following a month and a half may have available for them, not to mention having a system is for a half year or quite a long while. In occasions such as […]
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Business Debts

How to Reduce Business Debts?

At the point when smaller organizations go through a stoppage like the one, many are right now encountering (not that there’s any point of reference for this particular situation), entrepreneurs frequently target expanding their deals as an essential procedure to revive their benefit objectives and reduce the Business Debts. Business Debts decrease, conceivably a more […]
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Five Hour Rule

The Five Hour Rule of Entrepreneurs

The term Five Hour Rule is coined on a weekly 5-Hour learning habit in-short an hour daily. People who have been considered as millionaire’s or as successful entrepreneurs follow the rule. The concept is wonderfully simple. No matter how busy successful people are, they always spend at least an hour a day — or five […]
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The Economy & Their Essentials

The Economy Essentials by Mian Ayaz Anwar

The economy is one of the most important terms for businesses and for a state as well. The inter-relation of producers and consumers have been highly regarded as it forms an economy. Applying to all entities in a state, it encompasses all activity related to production, consumption, and trade of goods and services in the […]
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Reinvestments in Real Estate

Subtle art of reinvesting in Real-Estate Sector

Setting up a plan to reinvest in real estate is essential, for success in your business or the overall value of your property. People really wish to invest in undervalued properties, fix them and wait till they are valued enough for a profit. However, this is a routine practice and a highly praised one. But […]
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