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Importance of Attractions in Residential Real Estate

Real Estate Developers have always urged the fact of attracting customers through various, artistic monuments and attractions. Besides, theme park developers and commercial real-estate developers; Residential real-estate developers have a better long term idea of such creations. Small artistic attractions throughout the residential project create an emotional attachment of the viewer when visiting. The eye-pleasing […]
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Attractive monuments - Attractions - Artistic Monuments

Attractive Monuments in Commercial Real-Estate

Real Estate is all about attracting the customers through a feasible attractive locus that represents the project. Similarly, every real-estate developer; commercial or residential aims to create such attractions for the customers. In commercial real estate, buildings and plazas are designed and developed in such a way that the craftsmanship of the developer attracts customers. […]
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Entertainment in New Lahore City

Importance of Entertainment Real Estate Projects

Probably one of the biggest impacts in the real estate sector is how it is viewed by the general public. A long time ago, buying and selling property was just something people did and it was a part of life. Now, in this modern age, the entire process is much more substantial. Television has fueled […]
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Sports Venues in Real Estate

Importance of Sports Venues in Real Estate Projects

Sports is one of the most important parts of our society, the physical fitness and health importance is the key aspect of Sporting activities. The people either loving sports activities or disliking them, want proper parks and sports ventures to create safer sports opportunities for their kids and themselves. The residential schemes promote limited sports […]
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The Labyrinth of Entrepreneurship – Mian Ayaz Anwar

Entrepreneurship is one of the most desired roles in the World. Although, it’s a total labyrinth, without proper knowledge one can’t master the field of entrepreneurship. To solve such problems recommendations from renowned entrepreneurs are our best chance. Mian Ayaz Anwar is one of the most esteemed real-estate entrepreneurs in Pakistan, with his experience of […]
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Real Estate to new heights with New Lahore City

Mian Ayaz Anwar is the CEO of Zaitoon which is one of the largest privately-held real estate company in Pakistan. Mian Ayaz Anwar has established himself and his organization Zaitoon, in the field of Real-estate. Being one of the pioneers in the real estate field, Mian Ayaz Anwar is also very well versed. He started […]
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What is Real-Estate? Mian Ayaz Anwar’s impact on the sector.

Real estate is a land on which buildings are constructed, along with the natural resources invested in real property buildings or housing in general. The Real-Estate boosts the entire supply chain including various components. Mian Ayaz Anwar’s company Zaitoon is driving the majority of industries through its real estate projects that range from planning and […]
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new lahore city

New Lahore City – A Ray of Light For Real Estate

Following its official dispatch, Zaitoon’s New Lahore City has been persistently growing. In any case, the thought isn’t of simple extension yet of deliberately becoming so as to encourage and profit the purchasers. New Lahore City is a definitive amalgamation of a private region and an interesting business experience. The general public is perfect for […]
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