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Renting or Buying

Renting & Buying Homes, Whats Best for you?

Finding a place to live is one daunting task which can turn into a headache at times. Anyone looking for a shelter to cover his head has two options and is almost always stuck between them. That is renting a home or else buying one for oneself. If you choose to rent a place, it […]
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Crafting a Team

Crafting the Best Team in Zaitoon

When you read books, you develop a knowledge structure in your mind. You can understand different parts of philosophy, management and business. So, when an entrepreneur is analyzing the information they can highlight all the key points faster. Recently, Mian Ayaz Anwar has been successfully portraying how to craft the perfect team. Crafting can be […]
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The Economy & Their Essentials

The Economy Essentials by Mian Ayaz Anwar

The economy is one of the most important terms for businesses and for a state as well. The inter-relation of producers and consumers have been highly regarded as it forms an economy. Applying to all entities in a state, it encompasses all activity related to production, consumption, and trade of goods and services in the […]
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Philanthropy to create Awareness

Promote Philanthropy to Create Awareness

Whenever a city or a country goes through a destructive event, the act of philanthropy provides a visible measure of stability to the affected people and places. Great philanthropy has a focus and a power that transforms societies and creates awareness. Individuals band together and commit to relieving unsettling circumstances. Right now, we are seeing […]
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Reinvestments in Real Estate

Subtle art of reinvesting in Real-Estate Sector

Setting up a plan to reinvest in real estate is essential, for success in your business or the overall value of your property. People really wish to invest in undervalued properties, fix them and wait till they are valued enough for a profit. However, this is a routine practice and a highly praised one. But […]
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Cope with your Failures

Cope with your Failures to be Successful

Failures are the determining cause of losing belief in one’s own self. Failures make an entrepreneur or even a person, lose their self-esteem. The rising impact of failures on their performance in the work or society is hindered, hence coping with failure is essential. The person who is able to withstand failure and rise victorious […]
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Luxury Properties in the Last Decade

Luxury properties have echoed their pro’s and con’s in the last decade deciding the inclination of the commercial and residential real-estate sector. The change in architecture during the time period has soared the importance of marketing for non-luxury and older real estate projects. The modernized infrastructure and luxury provided to the property makes is viable […]
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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Businesses

Marketing is considered as one of the key phases in a business, every kind of business requires marketing for its survival. Although, Real-Estate is totally based on marketing and proper awareness campaigns. Proper Marketing Strategies are crafted to achieve the desired set of goals for a real estate project. The marketing can either be in […]
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Charity & Philanthropy

The Sole Difference between Charity & Philanthropy

Charity and Philanthropy seem like the same acts, normally and somewhat to some extent it is same, but philanthropy and charity have one sole difference in between each other. This difference determines the importance of philanthropists in society, more than charitable institutes. Although both of these acts are highly generous and required to create a […]
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Entrepreneurs & Innovation

Entrepreneurs & Innovation – The Challengers of Status Quo

Entrepreneurs are one of the most innovative and proactive personalities. Challenging the status quo is in their veins, being movers and shakers. Entrepreneurs are perpetually striving for more innovation, trying new approaches, doing things differently. Determined personalities are never phased by Economic downturns, pandemics or unfavourable political climate. Furthermore, they expect everything as a challenge, […]
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