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Entrepreneurs & Innovation – The Challengers of Status Quo

Entrepreneurs are one of the most innovative and proactive personalities. Challenging the status quo is in their veins, being movers and shakers. Entrepreneurs are perpetually striving for more innovation, trying new approaches, doing things differently. Determined personalities are never phased by Economic downturns, pandemics or unfavourable political climate. Furthermore, they expect everything as a challenge, […]
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Economic Benefits to Infrastructure & Real Estate

The economic benefits to infrastructure are clear, unlike the areas of public and private investment. Alongside job creation and GDP growth, investment in infrastructure also acts as a catalyst in the real-estate sector. Transportation and strong telecommunications are what are considered fundamental to real estate developments. Whether these be residential, industrial or commercial. Affordable energy […]
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The Labyrinth of Entrepreneurship – Mian Ayaz Anwar

Entrepreneurship is one of the most desired roles in the World. Although, it’s a total labyrinth, without proper knowledge one can’t master the field of entrepreneurship. To solve such problems recommendations from renowned entrepreneurs are our best chance. Mian Ayaz Anwar is one of the most esteemed real-estate entrepreneurs in Pakistan, with his experience of […]
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