Mian Ayaz Anwar Serves 2000+ Meals a day through Zaitoon Mehmaan

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What is philanthropy? Any kind of social work is known as philanthropic work. Providing equal opportunities to the people who can’t afford them. From providing food to the poor, education, job titles or either just moral support, it lies under the title Philanthropic work. Philanthropy is a non-judgmental act to help people. Mian Ayaz Anwar, unlike others, is more devoted to helping the poor and needy, through ‘Zaitoon Mehmaan’.

Philanthropic Work

After completing his education from the University of Florida therefore, remained in the USA for some time earning valuable practical experience. This experience changed his perspective of thinking and seeing things moreover this is the main reason behind his philanthropic work which have become an essential part for him.

Zaitoon Mehmaan

Charity Work for Orphans

His charity work for the orphans, widows and the needy are countless. He intends to launch a scholarship program for the needy students who have a goal to achieve in their life, have dreams to fulfil. Mian Ayaz aims to Launch this so they can proceed and succeed in their lives like every other successful person.

Zaitoon Mehmaan

One of his major philanthropic works stands tall in the shape of Zaitoon Mehmaan, Therefore, it is a unique concept itself. Under the banner of Zaitoon Mehmaan, Mian Ayaz Anwar’s company Zaitoon provides two thousand free hygienic meals to the needy and hungry and poor every day. The project aims to fill the poor bellies as much as they can.

Zaitoon Mehmaan
Zaitoon Mehmaan in Ramzan

The project Mehmaan also arranges free hygienic ‘Iftari” for the poor every year so, they can enjoy the holy month of Ramadan. The month of Ramzan brings a load of blessings along with it and Mian Ayaz aims that no one should be left behind gathering the blessings in the Holy month of Ramadan

Main Ayaz a philanthropist

Mian Ayaz believes that social service is better than self-service. He is exquisite in the work of Philanthropy; his heart is filled with love for humanity. His works have defined his eloquence in philanthropy. The widening of Social classes that differ from poor to rich is obvious and Mian Ayaz Anwar is using his influence to help the people in need through ‘Zaitoon Mehmaan’. Main Ayaz has won millions of hearts of the poor by thinking and taking care of them.

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