Luxury Properties in the Last Decade

Luxury properties have echoed their pro’s and con’s in the last decade deciding the inclination of the commercial and residential real-estate sector. The change in architecture during the time period has soared the importance of marketing for non-luxury and older real estate projects. The modernized infrastructure and luxury provided to the property makes is viable and transpicuous in importance. Luxury properties have developed their stem of success and revenue with the price calculation that hovers above the normal rates. Larger businesses have a keen interest in modern properties to develop the best outlook in the competition. However, the living standards of people have changed within the decade from normal aspects to luxury living.


Mian Ayaz Anwar has known the luxury properties have their own ups and downs, but the high-end ventures have proved to be highly successful in the boroughs. Rezoning towards a luxury lifestyle through a specific luxury property has been visual about its importance in the modernizing times. Affordability of the property is a major con for the people. With all the extra cream comes extra flavour, similarly, with all the extra proficient features comes an extra price. Zaitoon New Lahore City and upcoming Zaitoon City are both the embodiment of luxury properties and ventures to promote better living in Pakistan.

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