Hygiene Development & Philanthropy


Hygiene – a precondition for personal development. Personal hygiene directly impacts the well-being, dignity and participation of an individual in society. In developing countries, different requirements for men and women with regards to modesty, personal security, and the disproportionate burden of unpaid labour are often linked to hygiene. Women and girls living in the poorest rural areas are usually the ones that are responsible for managing the household water supply and will often have to walk several kilometres to collect water for their families.

Women also tend to assist in meeting the needs of men, children and the elderly while being responsible for keeping the home environment clean. However, hygiene personal or environmental is as important as any other global or social issue. The issues have been seen by many philanthropists worldwide. Mian Ayaz Anwar has kept proper hygiene in mind when he supports people through Zaitoon Mehmaan or provides them with proper sanitation in the societies he develops while being the head of Zaitoon. Such clear-minded philanthropists are highly regarded when it comes to their service for the people of their country or the world alike.

Promoting good personal habits does more than protect children from the threat of germs and disease. It also helps keep them looking and smelling clean and fresh, and promotes their general health. To encourage people on practising skills of developing personal hygiene is effective and philanthropists have been doing it flawlessly.

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