Environmental Crisis & Philanthropy

Environmental Crisis

What is it about the environment that arouses so much confusion and misunderstanding? Why is the mounting concern about the extent and gravity of global environmental challenges not reflected in the funding support for environmental charities? These were among the questions that prompted Green Philanthropy. There are various reasons for this. Until recently, difficulties in assembling philanthropists to promote environmental crisis issue on international panels and support the cause with their charities.

Charities working on climate change and other environmental problems are currently over-reliant on a handful of charitable trusts. However, some of the philanthropists like Mian Ayaz Anwar are themselves promoting Green Philanthropy by donating 5000 trees for the environmental solutions. Tree Huggers are not how things work but neither does overlook the facts do. The environment has always been one of the most important points in the vision of Philanthropy presented by Mian Ayaz Anwar.

There is a need for realism in finding and backing solutions to climate change. We do not know which approaches are going to yield the best results; success is likely to be a function of leadership, creativity and determination rather than any one model. But perhaps the greatest challenge for climate change philanthropy is the need to understand that environmental problems and human welfare problems are interconnected says, Mian Ayaz Anwar.

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