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Entrepreneurs & Innovation

Entrepreneurs are one of the most innovative and proactive personalities. Challenging the status quo is in their veins, being movers and shakers. Entrepreneurs are perpetually striving for more innovation, trying new approaches, doing things differently. Determined personalities are never phased by Economic downturns, pandemics or unfavourable political climate. Furthermore, they expect everything as a challenge, forging their way out of problems with a contemporary approach, in-short being innovators. Risk-Taking makes them one of the most astound personalities.

Entrepreneurs & Innovation

The way things are usually decorated with antique methods and strategies goes against the nature of entrepreneurs. They challenge themselves to create, innovate and prove that things can be done in a better way; efficient way. Entrepreneurs being armed with out of the box thinking, they create a new set of rules, new frameworks and innovation. These introductions often lead to dominance in the market, they challenge what is never challenged. Mian Ayaz Anwar has proved that his entrepreneurial skills are beneficial for Zaitoon in the real estate sector.

Mian Ayaz Anwar has researched the antics of the real estate market, created his strategy, formulated a firm framework and implemented his innovations to create Zaitoon as one of the leading real estate organizations in Pakistan. Success has frolicked on the hands of Mian Ayaz Anwar since his innovative ideas changed the classical approach of real-estate firms.


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