Drafting a Pivot of Success for businesses

Pivot of Success

Fires that usually flare up in business are; supply chain disruptions, cancelled orders, employees having difficulties with setups or needing flex-time to manage stuff from home. Seeing more of the broad picture, the CEOs must realize that the company is going in the wrong direction. They should convince the other leaders that the company needs to develop a strategic pivot for addressing such issues. Mian Ayaz Anwar has arranged for a facilitated strategic retreat dedicated to addressing the issues in the organization, which became his successful pivotal engagement in Zaitoon once again.

Challenging business model assumptions

Invariably, the first step is reassessing assumptions about the organization’s business model. That means initial brief meetings with the leadership to discuss the kind of fires they are facing. Furthermore, moving towards the gathering of internal information. With more awareness of the business model assumptions challenged by the issues, the next step involves gathering internal information for a revised strategy and business model. Those who lead a department and are present at the strategic retreat gather feedback from their direct reports.

Following Up!

At the conclusion, determine specific steps for each new initiative that you discussed. Decide on approximate resources required and metrics of success. Choose one member of the team accountable for implementing the initiative, with others potentially involved in the effort. Highlighting how the strategic pivot will help the company adapt to various scenarios will result in a better strategy.

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