Crafting the Best Team in Zaitoon

Crafting a Team

When you read books, you develop a knowledge structure in your mind. You can understand different parts of philosophy, management and business. So, when an entrepreneur is analyzing the information they can highlight all the key points faster. Recently, Mian Ayaz Anwar has been successfully portraying how to craft the perfect team. Crafting can be easy if you know how incentives affect different kinds of cooperation and collaboration, as well as the organization of people. It’s not only building the infrastructure, you need a team, and you need to build a growing, community-driven ecosystem. You also need to support enterprises converting a service into a decentralized one.

Zaitoon entails many things, which requires a large team. Mian Ayaz Anwar and his management style focus on delegating to others and trusting his team to get things done. When needed, he supports his team and provides them with direction. I give some suggestions, such as new ideas, creativity and a vision. They work on it and prove that they are the best team. Sharing knowledge with the whole team is a key part of the building process.

We give people more space to do things in their own ways or own approach and to have some creative judgments. Once the direction has been agreed upon, you’ll have very good management to meet milestones and have good results in the implementation of the execution phase. Crafting the Best Team in Zaitoon proved the way of management from the high authority of the organization.


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