Mian Ayaz Anwar Bio


Mian Ayaz Anwar is a well accomplished and well established Pakistani businessman and CEO of Zaitoon. He has a proven track record of successful business ventures over the years. He has proved his mettle in many businesses, including textiles, land development, real-estate etc.

Zaitoon is one of the largest privately held real estate development company in Pakistan. It is has done ground breaking work in the field of real-estate. It has introduced the concept of luxury living at an affordable price. Highlight of the brand is quality and timely delivery to the worthy customers which was unprecedented in Pakistan. It has brought a different experience, vision and quality to Pakistan real-estate sector to deliver unmatched lifestyle.

Educational Background

Mian Ayaz Anwar took his early education from Lahore. He attended school at the most prestigious institution of Pakistan i.e. Aitchison College. All his initial education till high-school was done from there.

Since the beginning, he was one of the bright students of the lot and along with studies was an active participants in the extra-curricular activities and the creative things going around. During his studies at Aitcheson College Lahore, he worked with many professors in the field and learned many technical and professional skills. Throughout his academic career he was a very good debater as well. The desire for knowledge and practical exposure motivated him to pursue his studies from well-recognized world ranked institution in the USA i.e. University of Tampa, Florida. So, after passing out from Aitcheson College, Lahore, he went to the United States of America for further education and was one of the top ranked students there as well. He won many accolades for his out of the box solution oriented thinking to business problems during his stay at the university as well. Besides getting a business education, he was vigorously involved in social causes.

This is the main reason behind his charity works that he does across Pakistan and donates a significant part of his income to philanthropic works. In addition to his philanthropic works towards orphans, widows and the needy, one of his major philanthropic works stands tall in the shape of Zaitoon Mehmaan, this is a unique concept in itself. Under the banner of Zaitoon Mehmaan, Mian Ayaz Anwar’s company provides two thousand free hygienic meals to the needy every day. The needy and the poor are very thankful to Mian Ayaz Anwar for the untiring efforts that he has been making for them to have access to food every-day since the last many years. He does a lot of philanthropic work as well with orphans, widows and the needy. He intends to launch a scholarship program very soon for the needy students so they can excel in their lives. He has a firm belief that social service is better than self-service. After completing his education, he remained in the USA for some time earning valuable practical experience. This practical work experience was to serve him later on in his life in setting up one of the renowned businesses in Pakistan and providing products unheard of in the Pakistani real-estate market.

Career in Real Estate Sector - An Example of Continuous Struggle

Mian Ayaz Anwar relocated to Pakistan in 1990. After arriving in Pakistan, he was of the opinion that he should start his own firm in his family business i.e. real-estate. This gave him the required independence to work freely and make his dreams come true of serving the Pakistani people in the best possible manner yet making his mark in the business sector. With this backdrop, he started Zaitoon within his family business concern. He started his business with his brother, Mian Ejaz Anwar, who is also a very well versed individual in real-estate and business acumen. His life story and the immense success he has brought to his business ventures is very inspirational and every youngster in the field of Real Estate Development or any other industry should study it and learn many things from his life. He started off small and then gained new heights in businesses. With his zeal, fervor and untiring efforts, he made a mark very quickly in the local market as well, attracting the big names of the real-estate sector to work with him in a joint venture. Big business names like Rafi Group, Landmark Group etc. have done joint ventures with his firm. Initially, he was mostly undertaking commercial projects of plazas and other business friendly commercial centers. His hard work could be seen paying off with the successful business ventures which define the commercial spaces and skyline of the beautiful city of Lahore. Having said that, success never came easy to him but he defied all odds and built a successful real-estate firm which now has become a name of trust and quality in the real-estate market. 

He dealt all his initial difficulties with patience and will to succeed and was never deterred by the enormity of the tasks. He continued to put his efforts in making Zaitoon, one of the largest real estate development companies in Pakistan. After a struggle of many years, he was able to do so and Zaitoon is now recognized as the leading real estate development company not only in Lahore but all over the Pakistan and its flagship project New Lahore City is one of the investor favorites throughout the city. Side by side, Zaitoon New Lahore City along with other real-estate projects of Zaitoon are the most favored destinations for businesses to start working or for people looking to buy or make a house in the beautiful city of Lahore. The main purpose of Zaitoon is to establish modern real estate projects with innovative concepts and latest technologies. With a focus on customer satisfaction, its goal is to provide efficient services by timely delivery of projects. After making a name in building and delivering commercial projects his focus shifted to developing gated communities & high-rise smart buildings. With this concept in mind he moved his focus to his flagship project i.e. Zaitoon New Lahore City. Zaitoon New Lahore City is situated in the heart of new Lahore, It is situated on main canal bank road adjacent to Bahria Town Lahore and is just 1 kilometer away from the Lahore Ring Road SL III interchange.

Mian Ayaz Anwar, CEO Zaitoon aims to take Zaitoon to new heights and make it the biggest master developer of the country making it the premium real estate land developer & builder of Pakistan. He aims to provide world-class luxury lifestyle at an affordable price coupled with state-of-the-art amenities to the people of Pakistan while accommodating people from all walks of life.

Flagship Projects

After establishing Zaitoon, he didn’t stop. His efforts in making Pakistan a beautiful place are priceless. He decided and worked with fervor for establishing not only a brand but a legacy in the real-estate market of Pakistan. He put his investments in many projects.

Center Point Plaza

Standing tall on the Gulberg Main Boulevard (one of the prime locations in Lahore) is the Centre Point Plaza. The project offers commercial shops, corporate offices and luxury apartments, all being in high demand for their respective buyers.

Japan Center

Japan center is an integrated commercial project by Zaitoon. It provides services of interest to small and medium scale businesses. It is well known for a wide array of different business activities and a part of Zaitoon’s prime projects. This center provides finest environment for businesses in Lahore. Those who are looking for a perfect place to run their businesses, this center is a prime opportunity for them. 

Landmark Plaza

Landmark Plaza on Lahore Jail Road providing services of interest to all kinds of businesses. The project offers commercial shops, corporate offices and luxury apartments, all being in high demand for their respective buyers. This project is one of the most talked about projects in the central business district of Lahore. 

Lucky Center

Located on the famous Qurtaba Chowk, Ferozepur Road Lahore, Lucky Center is a six-storied commercial center for high gain, high value products. The Centre provides office space, and together with administrative and conference facilities, is capable of meeting any local business needs. Being a concept-based shopping arcade, Lucky Center holds an iconic presence in the shopping driven culture of the vicinity.

Ongoing Project - New Lahore City

Located on the Main Canal Bank Road near Bahria Town, Lahore and right next to Lahore Ring Road, New Lahore City is an easily accessible residential society. New Lahore City is a perfect amalgamation of modern facilities, offering ease of living, and contemporary architecture. New Lahore City includes educational institutions, retail outlets, state-of-the-art healthcare services, amazing restaurants, sizable malls, gold-class cinema, community centre and banks.

Brands that have already opened up in Zaitoon New Lahore City are JS Bank, Cornerstone School (A Project of University of Lahore), Fri-Chicks, Nokar Online, Lahore Chatkhara and a lot more are coming soon. All these facilities will be helpful in running day-to-day errands and having family entertainment. All these constructions are the masterpieces of Zaitoon. They are providing world-class facilities to the citizens of Lahore.

Social Works

Besides serving the country in real estate development, Mian Ayaz Anwar is also known for his social and charity works. He has the pain in his heart for the people who are needy and living in poverty.


After establishing his career, he decided to do something for humanity on a large scale. This love for humanity compelled him to lay down the foundation of ‘ZAITOON MEHMAN.  This charity organization provides food to the people who don’t have money to buy it for them. This organization also provides food and other supplements for “Iftaari” of many needy people every year in Ramadan. The first branch of ZAITOON Mehmaan was located at Gajjumata factory area, where over 2000 meals were served to people every day.  However, since then ZAITOON Mehmaan has moved to the sundar area near New Lahore City. ZAITOON has future plans as well to open its ‘Mehmaan Khana’ in different parts of the city. Mian Ayaz Anwar with his futuristic outlook has many other plans for philanthropic work as well and helping pull out people from poverty and making a difference in thousands of lives.  

Tree Plantation

Mian Ayaz Anwar aims to participate in every positive initiative taken by the state. Mian Ayaz Anwar also believes in sustainable development and giving back to the community. Hence, recently he has also made huge efforts for a cleaner and greener environment. Keeping that in view he regularly conducts tree plantation drives in various areas. Mian Ayaz Anwar has collaborated with the government of Pakistan in a lot of initiatives for ensuring a cleaner environment. His most recent drive was planting over 5000 trees in one day along the Lahore Ring Road to help achieve a cleaner environment. The purpose was to make Lahore and Pakistan clean and green and worthy to live in.

Supporting sports for a healthy living

Mian Ayaz Anwar, is a firm believer in the fact that only a healthy body can have a healthy mind. Keeping that in view, he regularly supports and finances healthy sports competitions and sporting events across the country to provide opportunities for the young minds to develop. He also regularly organizes sporting events for the striving sportsmen to make their mark and get noticed in order to make their lives better and help them realize their full potential in their passion. 

Spreading positive vibes in the times of pandemic (COVID-19)

As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Not a lot of people have the foresight to see positives when there is negativity all around. As soon as the pandemic hit, Mian Ayaz Anwar got to thinking that how can he keep, his workforce, his customers and the real-estate market in general positive in the face of adversity. Where all brands were cutting expenditure and were hesitant to face their clients, Mian Ayaz Anwar thought of making more contact with the customer base to make them positive. Keeping that in mind, he started off with giving away prizes to his customers through fair and transparent lucky draws. He announced that these will continue every month and each month both, old and new customers, will be given a chance to enter the lucky draw and win amazing prizes. This is what you call taking the bull by the horns, Mian Ayaz Anwar practically did that and showed the world how it is done. This kind of activities are highly appreciated in the timeframe of this pandemic and the people winning prizes are thankful to Mian Ayaz Anwar for the positive attitude he has shown in difficult times.  

Other Achievements

Mian Ayaz Anwar is someone who believes that the fruits should be shared with people and they should also benefit from them. He is someone who believes that one should offer their services on a larger scale to people who need them so they can also benefit. Mian Ayaz Anwar serves as one of the members of the executive committee of the Board of Investment of Pakistan. He represents the real-estate sector there and is one of the key people in formulating policies for the Pakistan real-estate sector. The board of investment is an initiative by the government of Pakistan to enhance public private partnership for the betterment of people. Apart from that he has time and again stressed the need for affordable housing in Pakistan via many electronic and print media interviews over the years.

He believes that the banking sector of Pakistan should show confidence in the real-estate sector of Pakistan and should increase lending to them so that not only the real-estate sector but all other associated sectors should also benefit. This will benefit the economy as a whole. At-least 50 other sectors benefit when the real-estate sector works at full potential. He also is an active member of advisory boards in many multi-lateral organizations across the globe in which he offers his expertise for business and economy related subjects across the globe.